Thursday 15 January 2015

A Gaming Podcast About Nothing, Episode 11: Pull Your Finger Out Of Your Arse And Do Something

We discuss "-punk", candlestick makers, guerilla role-playing, Into the Odd, combat crunch, Apocalypse World, rules-lite games and their pitfalls, Risus, one-shots and their pitfalls, Reign, publishing DIY products, Worlds Without Master, Yoon-Suin, and so forth. You'll notice it's heavy on game content. This is a New Year's Resolution.

There is a problem with sound in the first minute or two which is quickly resolved.

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Sunday 4 January 2015

A Gaming Podcast About Nothing, Episode 10: The Episode Where We Don't Even Talk About Games That Much

Dave and Nate discuss brussel sprouts, layout, hatemongers, twitter rage, Dave's qualities, Into the Odd, English cities, Nando's, and so forth.

Feel free to skip this one. We give you permission. It was shortly before Christmas and we were both knackered.

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